Our Team

Cassie Kaslon, PLA Managing Principal

Bachelor of Science Landscape Architecture, Colorado State University

Cassie Kaslon is the principal and studio manager for Valerian. With over 10 years of experience, Cassie has a varied and diverse background including both public and private projects which include park redevelopment and design, urban design, land planning, regional trail master planning and natural play environments as well as extensive experience in the field. She uses her gained knowledge from past projects to lead the Valerian studio through successful project completion.

Susan Brown, PLA Founding Principal

Bachelor of Science, Colorado State University | Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Colorado Denver

Susan Brown is the founding principal of Valerian. Her extensive background in landscape design, combined with her strong leadership skills, have made her an outstanding principal and mentor. Typical work which she has managed within the firm includes reclamation of disturbed sites, environmentally-responsible design, open space, trail and park design. Susan is an integral Valerian team member creating sustainable designs incorporating Low Impact Development (LID) and Best Management Practices (BMPs) throughout the front range of Colorado, Washington, and Argentina.

Stacey Stickler, PLA

Bachelor of Arts, University of Wisconsin - Madison | Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Arizona

Stacey Stickler has over 10 years experience as a landscape architect in the Rocky Mountain and Sonoran Desert regions. Stacey’s extensive experience in collaborating with multiple agencies and disciplines informs and enriches her perspective on landscape architecture. Her understanding of complicated projects and her ability to work with complex and programmatically intense design conditions make her an invaluable member of the Valerian design team. She brings a background in community planning, park and trail design, open space design and planning, campus planning, and urban design.

Brent Kaslon, CFM

Bachelor of Science Landscape Design, Colorado State University | Master of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Colorado Denver

Brent specializes in land planning, landscape design, plant selection, landscape construction estimation, and construction administration. He is an integral part of the design and planning team in roles that include supporting the project manager with landscape and irrigation design, document preparation, construction estimates, and submittals. As a certified floodplain manager, land planner, and landscape designer, Brent is a versatile asset to the Valerian team working on stream corridor restoration, parks and open space, neighborhood planning, and urban design.

Allison Mendes Johnson, LEED

Bachelor of Arts, Montana State University | Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Colorado Denver

Allison Johnson is a landscape designer with experience in landscape architecture, community outreach, project coordination and presentation graphics. Her experience includes recreation and open space projects, trails, creek restoration and flood recovery, and transportation facilities.

Kristen Ruberg

Bachelor of Arts, University of Michigan | Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Colorado Denver

Kristen Ruberg is a landscape designer with a passion for the outdoors and strives to bring that enthusiasm into the design of the built environment. With a wide array of experience and a background in humanities, Kristen firmly believes great landscape architecture results from an investment in the people, the land, as well as the aesthetic; all for the benefit of the community as a whole.

Will Kern

Bachelor of Science Landscape Architecture, Colorado State University

Will joined Valerian in Spring of 2017, and is a full-time landscape designer. He received his Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Colorado State University. Will relates his experiences abroad in culture and landscape to inform his design and he is continues to pursue new and interesting ways to improve his graphic skills.

Brent Jeffery

Certified Irrigation Designer Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor

Mr. Jeffery has over twenty years of professional
experience in the landscape and irrigation industry.
He is a certified irrigation designer and has managed
a wide range of landscape irrigation and water
conservation projects.

Valerian is a full-service WBE/SBE landscape architecture, land planning, irrigation and urban design firm established in 1990. For over 24 years, we have strived to design interesting and sustainable landscapes that encourage people to interact with their physical environment.
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