For years Kenneys Run had been constrained to an underground box culvert that runs below Ford Street and the parking lots at the Coors Brewery in Golden. Working with ICON Engineering, Valerian helped develop an open channel design along Ford Street to daylight Kenny’s Run. As a part of the project, the Ford Street Streetscape has been enhanced into an engaging pedestrian promenade that overlooks the new Kenneys Run corridor. The initial open channel design is the first phase in a multi-phase project intended to remove the Coors Brewery from the floodplain and improve the stream corridor from a sustainability perspective as well as a pedestrian connectivity standpoint.

Under a separate contract, Valerian has worked with the City of Golden to develop conceptual visioning graphics for the streetscape adjacent to Kenneys Run upstream of the Coors Brewery. The improvements that come from this project will provide a vital pedestrian connection from the surround residential neighborhoods to the downtown corridor.



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