The 48th Avenue greenway corridor is bookended by Lincoln Street and ends with a storm outfall directly across from the National Western Center at the South Platte River. The corridor includes Argo Park, across the BNSF railroad tracks through to Washington Street to the newly aligned 48th Avenue that ends at the Globeville levee adjacent to the future Bettie Cram Drive Bridge and the South Platte River. The intent of the proposed landscape improvements throughout the greenway corridor creates a seamless connection from Platte Farm Open Space to the National Western Center, essentially connecting Globeville to Denver. The vision for this corridor is to create a space to utilize underground stormwater conveyance and transform the corridor into a natural amenity for the community. This greenway corridor will provide a route of connectivity between parks and trail systems that will improve mobility for the Globeville community and allow community members to experience the benefits of the South Platte River trail system. Addressing the critical flood protection need also provides an opportunity to do something for the Globeville neighborhood that will have a positive lasting impact on the lives of community members. The project is currently in the design and community input phase.



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