What We Do


Valerian is a WBE/DBE/SBE certified landscape architecture, planning, and irrigation design firm established in Colorado in 1990. Through a blend of science and art, we create landscapes that encourage people of all abilities, age, race, and gender to interact with their physical environment. Our commitment to our clients and a deep understanding of the unique communities throughout Colorado has established Valerian as a reliable partner in design. Valerian has developed a strong reputation as a leader in the industry for sustainable, creative, and thoughtful design for both public and private sector clients.


At Valerian, we are committed to creating meaningful connections, both physical and intellectual, between people, the environment, and their communities. Well designed, sustainable landscapes are those that grow and thrive in the environment in which they were intended, and where the natural and social aspects of the space are strongly integrated. Our project portfolio reflects the variety and depth of our design experience with projects including parks and open space, stream corridor reclamation, green infrastructure, and neighborhood design and development. Understanding Colorado’s semi-arid, high-desert climate, we prioritize water conscious design in all aspects of our projects. Valerian is a firm that is recognized for the utilization of sustainable principals and Best Management Practices on our open space and urban projects alike.


Colorado is a special place where the urban wildland interface is both highly present and highly desired. As landscape architects we view it as our responsibility to design for the preservation of our natural resources. Valerian is a leader in green infrastructure design in Colorado. Through numerous demonstration and trial installations we have developed a solid understanding of which green infrastructure practices are successful in Colorado’s arid climate. Our understanding of water resources and the way it interacts with vegetation allows us to create thriving and beautiful green infrastructure installations.


Valerian works with our clients to create unique places that increases the quality of life for residents by enhancing the vitality of the community. Our purpose is to achieve socially equitable development and provide value, character, and an identity for both the existing and incoming communities. Having worked with municipalities throughout Colorado, we have a strong understanding of the specific requirements and processes for project approval. Working within these confines, we blend our unique knowledge base and professional services to best serve our clients and their communities.


We recognize the importance of a well-designed irrigation system and work with our irrigation designer from the onset of each project. Understanding the intent and goals for the vegetation of each project allows us to design appropriate, water-saving irrigation systems. Valerian’s knowledgeable in-house irrigation designer composes systems that will ensure each project will thrive and the client’s long term objectives are met.


Valerian regularly works with our client and design team to conduct public engagement events. When possible, we encourage design charrettes and immersive sessions that are intended to involve the public in as many stages of the design process as possible. Community awareness and project needs constantly vary but Valerian has the skills required to balance and resolve community concerns to achieve a successful project outcome.