Lollipop Lake at Garland Park

Valerian is the landscape architect for the major drainageway project that will ultimately drain the Tennessee Oneida intersection in Denver. This major pipe project culminates at Cherry Creek. The goals of this project are to decrease property damage due to local flooding; increase pedestrian and driver safety during storm events; and improve water quality for stormwater runoff that will be going into Lollipop and Cherry Creek.

Prior to entering Cherry Creek, the storm pipe enters Garland Park at Lollipop Lake where Valerian designed an outfall with extended wetlands to help filter the stormwater as it passes through the Lake. The lake then drains into Cherry Creek by way of a similarly designed boulder outfall. Valerian worked with Denver Parks and Recreation on the turf conversion of approximately 3-1/2 acres of irrigated bluegrass to native grass to help the park use less water. Lastly, along with this native conversion, Valerian is restoring the degraded wetland edge along the whole shoreline of Lollipop Lake. Additional improvements to Garland Park include ADA improvements to the trail system, an overlook with seating, pollinator gardens, and tree preservation.

Lollipop Lake at Garland Park


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