2020 | CASFM Engineering Excellence Award

Valerian has teamed with ICON Engineering on this state of the art drainageway improvement located in the densely developed Ruby Hill Neighborhood in Denver. The improvements to Sanderson Gulch have removed over 100 properties from the floodplain along the South Platte River through a series of box culverts with an open channel stream above. Along with improvements to the existing Sanderson Gulch Park, the new design creates a more natural meandering channel with a series of small drop structures leading to a large outfall onto the South Platte River.

The project pushes the limits of design for water quality and urban drainageway improvements, ultimately enhancing the park amenities for an under-served neighborhood.
Photos courtesy of Scott Dressel Martin

“Valerian is a great landscape architect and design firm. They are creative, innovative, and extremely collaborative and I highly recommend them.”

“Amazing! No other words, this structure exceeds all expectations. I had driven by it and it looked nice, but having stopped and walked around this new facility I am truly amazed at how beautifully designed this space is as well as the “natural” stream channel leading into it. Thank you so much for putting this level of effort into this, it makes a big difference in our City.”



City and County of Denver Wastewater


Ruby Hill Neighborhood - Denver, CO

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